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I like The Beatles.

  • PLAYBOY: "Did you know, George, that at the corner of 47th Street and Broadway in New York, there is a giant cutout of you on display?"
  • GEORGE: "Of me?"
  • PLAYBOY: "Life size."
  • RINGO: "Nude."
  • PLAYBOY: "No... but the reason we mention it is that this is really a signal honor. For years on that corner, there's been a big store with life-size cutouts of Marilyn Monroe, Anita Ekberg, or Jayne Mansfield in the window."
  • JOHN: "And now it's George."
  • PAUL: "The only difference is that they've got bigger tits."
  • RINGO: "I suppose that's one way of putting it."
  • GEORGE: "The party's getting rough. I'm going to bed. You carry on, though. I'll just stop my ears with cotton... so as not to hear the insults and smutty language."





I’m sick of the fact that people blow up on the Beatle girls for anything while the Beatles themselves were far worse (and if anyone dares come to me and tells me that I have some sort of vendetta against the Beatles, then you’ll be branding yourself as an idiot)

Pattie Boyd:

There truly is no reason to dislike this woman

  • She was an independent model and later on photographer
  • She had a horrible childhood, but she did not allow it to define her
  • She actually stayed with her needy, yet, distant boyfriend with whom she had a relationship that was going nowhere instead of dating George right away out of loyalty. 
  • After all the bad that people who she loved and trusted put her through, she never held any grudges
  • She continues to smile and have fun after two horribly failed marriages and  her infertility

Now let’s see what George (and while we’re at it Eric) did to her:

  • After George became obsessed with Indian culture, his fascination with Krishna led him to take several ‘concubines’ and he justified all of his affairs with the Krishna excuse
  • George was taking large amounts of cocaine which turned him into a cold and distant man who constantly blamed Pattie for her own misery
  • George had an obvious affair with Maureen, a woman who Pattie considered to be a good friend among the Beatle wives, and when Pattie demanded an answer, he laughed
  • Eric comes along and began wooing Pattie during her suicidally depressed moments
  • Eric emotionally abused Pattie, blaming her for his heroin addiction
  • He then became a heavy alcoholic, turning Pattie into an alcoholic
  • He had waved an affair in her face and had the audacity to shout that he no longer loved her and instead loved the other woman
  • Eric even turned violent towards Pattie at times
  • He fits the description of a domestic abuser
  • Eric wooed and apologized to her when she left and then became abusive once again
  • Once he did become sober, he became cold and distant
  • He impregnated another woman in Italy while Pattie was finding out that she might never have children 
  • Pattie later finds out that Eric had hidden another daughter away from her during their marriage

Cynthia Lennon: 

Once again, nothing to not like

  • She was a stereotypical stay at home wife and mother (not my cup of tea, but that’s what made her happy)
  • She raised Julian, basically, all by herself
  • She was a loving, supporting, and doting mother
  • She holds no grudges towards John
  • She never pleaded for money from John
  • She maintained a nice relationship with John’s sisters after the divorce

Now let’s see what John did to her:

  • He had several affairs
  • He was extremely cold and jealous
  • He got into a fist fight with a guy for dancing with her and accidentally slapped her during the fight
  • He begged her to try LSD even though she didn’t want to, and after she did in an attempt to save her marriage, she didn’t like it and John treated her like a whimp
  • He broadcasted and flaunted his affair with Yoko
  • John considered Yoko his wife during his marriage to Cynthia
  • He abandoned his family for Yoko
  • He tried taking Julian away from her
  • On a trip to wherever he got into an accident, with Julian in the car, and they were entered into a hospital. Cynthia wanted to know what was going on, but John never told her until later on
  •  John treated her harshly after their marriage, that is when he even acknowledged her
  • He verbally abused Julian, sending him back to Cynthia in hysterics

Jane Asher:

  • She was a bit more reserved and dry (not really a reason to dislike her, but that’s the reason most people do)


  • Jane, like Pattie, was an independent woman
  • I admire the fact that when she found Paul and Linda having a romantic evening in her own home she packed up her bags and left. Never looking back

Now let’s see what Paul did to her: 

  • He had several affairs
  • He got caught having an affair with Linda

Maureen Starkey: 

  • She allowed herself to lose sense of self for Ringo
  • Maureen had an obvious affair with George
  • She waved her affair in Pattie’s face
  • She had the affair in Pattie’s home
  • When Pattie confronted her, Maureen treated her like a joke and continued her affair
  • She and Pattie were friends
  • She also had other affairs other than George
  • She was an amazing mother (added on by conduse-a-cat-ltd)
  • She saved Ringo from killing himself (added on by anon)

Now let’s see what Ringo did to her: 

  • He was a heavy drinker
  • He had several obvious affairs
  • He physically abused her (he beated her and I heard an account where he actually raped her, I don’t know how true the last part is though)
  • He emotionally abused her
  • He publicly shamed her by coming out with a public affair
  • He divorced her, sending her into deep depression
  • She attempted suicide on account of the divorce by running her motorcycle into a brick wall

Olivia Arias: 

Nothing to dislike about her

  • She maintained a strong marriage with George for 24 years
  • She saved George’s life from that one insane guy who broke into their house
  • Before she saved him, she attempted to fight him alongside George, but he knocked her out for a moment
  • She raised Dhani well
  • She was humble and never flaunted her marriage to George to the media or to other women

Now let’s see what George did to her:

  • He had a couple of affairs (but eventually he cleaned up his life for her)

Yoko Ono: 

  • She tried disinheriting Julian from John’s will
  • She withheld the possessions that were rightfully Julian’s after John died
  • She kept John away from Cynthia by telling John that she was going to try and steal him away from her (which was a lie)
  • She treated Julian like garbage
  • She was cold and distant towards Cynthia even after John’s death
  • Yoko always tried one upping Julian with Sean (which was quite evident when Sean moved his album release date to the day Julian’s would come out at the request of Yoko)
  • She was independent
  • She was for feminism and animals rights
  • Yoko became an icon for avant-garde art
  • She was well educated for a woman during her time and was the first woman to be allowed admission to her college
  • She remained strong in face of the world hating her for ‘breaking up the Beatles’ (which she didn’t, the person to truly blame for their break up would be Brian Epstein)
  • She continued her own plans with John that supported ‘Peace and Love’

Now let’s see what John did to her: 

I’ve heard that he was abusive towards her, but I found no such information supporting that theory. In fact, May Pang even said that it was Yoko who was eotionally abusing John

Linda McCartney: 

They were soul mates, so everyone shut up

Barbara Bach: 

No one ever talks about her which is a shame because she’s obviously a good match for him if they’ve been married for this long

Now that you know the pain that they all went through, I want to see who will have the audacity to judge them and let the Beatles off scott-free. Yes, the Beatles did work on their problems and faults, but so did these women, so their is no reason to hate on them.



LOL, I scrolled down so fast to see what you had on Linda and was like “WORD!”

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With 87% of the vote today, Mark Sanchez’s “buttfumble” remains ESPN’s ‘Worst of the Worst’ champion for the 32nd straight week. TOTAL DOMINANCE!!!!